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We are proud to be Dunedin’s only publication that is dedicated solely to our wonderful hometown of Dunedin, Florida. Each issue, published every  month, is distributed throughout the area. The publication contains articles and information residents will find interesting. It is definitely worth reading.


Unlike any other publication in the area, we focus solely on our town, our residents, and our businesses. We also stay away from anything political or negative.  You’ll find the latest and greatest that Dunedin has to offer in each edition of our newsletter.  We focus on positive things going on all over our lovely town of Dunedin.  Inside we talk about current events, festival dates, and some of the amazing businesses that make their home in our beloved Dunedin.  This newspaper truly focuses on everything that is Delightfully Dunedin!
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April 2021 Issue of The Dunedin Times


  • Local – Our Focus is Dunedin.

  • Informative – The latest and greatest in Dunedin events, deals and services.

  • Fun – We keep a light-hearted tone with our articles and content.

  • Exciting – We get excited about helping local causes and businesses in Dunedin


Our mission is to stimulate the commerce and flow of information in the town of Dunedin. We seek to increase the revenue of local businesses and provide the very best informational resources for the residents of Dunedin.

We have a simple philosophy.  We are put on this planet to help those around us and create a better place for us all, more specifically the town of Dunedin.

We are committed to serving our community, it’s businesses and residents.

We promise to do our very best to ensure customer satisfaction and to create the best reader experience possible.

Our values are simple as well. We treat our clients like family. We do what’s in the best interest of our customers and our beloved Dunedin.

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