Having played music professionally for nearly 20 years, Steve´s style draws from a number of influences, but appeals to fans of Americana, Country and Roots Rock. A great mix of original material with a blend of classic and current hits, McNulty plays a wide variety of music to please everyone. The consummate performer, Steve not only tells good stories through his music, but seems to live them in every note.

Steve is a Dunedin favorite at many venues. When Steve plays he takes you on a journey through life experiences, emotions, and a heartfelt passion for music. He simply loves performing and sharing a bit of his soul with us. Steve’s storytelling through his music is an incredible talent that few seem to have these days. The guy can sing, the guy can play, and, as a result, makes any evening out a very enjoyable experience. I personally love his rendition of James Taylor’s Fire and Rain. He does the song so much justice and adds his own flare! He performs a song called Soul Intention that really paints a vivid picture of what our society could use right now. Thanks for doing what you Steve!

His next shows are

6/11/20 at the Lucky Lobster in Dunedin from 5:30-9pm
6/12/20 at the Sunset Lounge in Clearwater from 6-10pm
6/13/20 at Marker 8 in Dunedin from 4-8pm

Check out Steve McNulty on Facebook to see where he will jam next! You can also find his performance
schedule on www.reverbnation.com.