The Dunedin Development Company Incorporated is to be the title of the organization formed last Saturday for the development of this city.

The men behind the big gun are all live wires with the right kind of push that will mean that Dunedin will be heard from very soon.

There has been much comment on the approach to Dunedin from the North and that tourists do not realize i that they are passing through the city, it beinb such a circuitous route and now comes the Developement Company with a plan to eradicate this condition and bring the visitors right through the heart of the city also eliminating many of the bad and dangerous curves.

It is the tentative plans to make Main street continious to the Tampa highway as it approaches Whitter’s grove and according to the present plan Main street will continue from its present ending at the junction of Douglas avenue and either pass gradually v» Virginia avenue or pass south of the
Dunedin garage thence west and then swing north to the Tampa road and join near what was the tourist camp a short ways out of the city limits.

W. Middleton secured options on the land necessary to carry out the project and now the only wait ia the formation of the corporation to start things moving.



Last Saturday there was a meeting at the home of William W. Bull at which ten were present and there was subscribed nearly $10,000.00 toward the first instalment necessary to carry on the work. The Company was organized and the following officers elected: B. C. Skinner, president; R. S. Grant, vice president;

A. H. Grant , treasurer and Frank E. Joy, secretary. The directors will consist of the officers and George
W. Middleton, William W. Bull and F. L. Skinner.

It was voted that the capital of the company should be $50,0)10.00 $10,000.00 of which should be prefered stock.Brandon land Gage atorneys of Clearwater are retained as council and have been instructed to draw up the corporation charter.

This movement is of a civic nature, as well as an investment and started to imbue life and progress into the city of Dunedin and everyone of the live citizens who wish the city to advance should get behind the movement and see that it culminates into a howling success.

The meeting last Saturday was of a spontaneous nature and done so quickly that it was impossible to get word to all that might be greatly interesten in the project.