When your world is turned upside down and everything you know has changed, you tend to revert to survival mode. We have all been living in survival mode since the announcement of our stay at home orders due to COVID-19. The news of the “soft-opening” happening May 4th can feel both refreshing and scary all at once. If you have been out of work you are wondering when your business will re-open, and what the changing guidelines may be as we loosen the “grip” on social distancing.

I for one, have made a huge shift in the way I am teaching wellness and yoga. All has gone online, to a platform called Zoom. The adjustment of taking your entire life online can take a huge toll on you emotionally and mentally when you are used to being around others. I found myself feeling clouded and uneasy trying to focus on one task. To that, what changes did you have to make to keep your livelihood? Did you have to cut down on hours of news watching, did you find yourself secretly wanting to love on your family members. You may say, what gives?

In the matter of wellness, it is vital to align ourselves while resurfacing to the best version of ourselves once this is over. It may be small baby steps, you may even be considering what you might want to return to once this is all said and done. Hopefully, you were able to find some time to nurture yourself with some extra care on days where things were slower, maybe noticing nature and how important a role she plays. There is a saying… Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished ~Lao Tzu, which is easier said than done. We as humans have lost our ability to be patient in the faster technological society, and this is a time to draw new boundaries for yourself. Maybe you want to turn your pace down, and move at a slower pace. Or, you see things a little differently, you realize how precious this one life is and want to treat your health as top

Whatever it is, take the time to note whatever changes you may have felt or how you may have transitioned for the better during this time of soft “hibernation”. Make a list of the things you want to do that will bring you simple pleasure and joy moving forward. Love and hug each other more and be grateful for all the healthy people in your life.

Using slow or down time for self-discovery is always a valuable use of time. Finding a meditation or a mantra that works for you can be helpful to move from the negative mind chatter to the positive. Focusing on things you may have put off or procrastinated on, starting a new home project, or connecting with a friend you have been thinking about. What about a beautiful spring garden or an herbal garden where you cultivate your own herbs, fruits and vegetables? Get grounded, get moving, be grateful for what you already have, not what you desire.

About the author- Beth Graham Ross is an experienced yoga instructor ERYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance and offers classes through the Group (Yoga in the Park-Dunedin) on Facebook. Though her classes are currently held online through Zoom, she is hopeful to re-open at the Dunedin Youth Guild Park @ 2750 Bayshore Blvd, Dunedin as soon as social distancing orders are lifted. You can also email her at bethgrahamross@gmail.com for more info.