What makes us tick?

First and foremost, we live, work and play in Dunedin. This town has our hearts.

Our goal is simple.  Promote and assist Dunedin residents, business and events.  Our town has a wealth of hidden treasures that people need to know about.  Our publication is something that talks about the better, happier and finer things in life for Dunedin residents.  We have no political platforms that we intend to push and no hidden agendas.  We simply want to make our town a better place.

James Brett   Owner
James Brett is the founder of Clickexplosions Digital Marketing and The Dunedin Orange. Jim holds a Washington State University Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism and Public Relations.  As an almost 20 year veteran within the communications and marketing industry, he got his first taste of the Internet in 1997. At that moment he fell in love with the Internet as a viable arena for conducting business. He can still remember the rush he got in the 80’s when he used his best friend’s Commodore 64. That same fascination has endured over the years and continues with today’s cutting edge technologies. He draws his experience from some of the amazing companies that he has been privileged to be a part of over the years such as United States Marine Corps, Disney, IBM, Innuity Interactive, AbleCommerce,  and Getupdated. The Dunedin Orange is the culmination of all his experience being put to good use in promoting all things Dunedin in print and in cyberspace.

The Dunedin Orange, a Dunedin publication, is a labor of love and a result of his dreams over the last many years.

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