(StatePoint) Besides a great looking lawn, nothing showcases the backyard quite like a cookout. But anything worth doing is worth doing right. So when it comes to grilling your next ribeye steak, take a cue from world class chefs who are all turning up the heat.

“All my chef buddies are cooking on high, intense heat, getting their cast-irons blistering and getting their grills ripping hot to keep everything from sticking and to get that super fast char,” says former “Iron Chef Showdown” winner, David Bancroft. “The chef’s secret is to really push that boundary on temperature and finding confidence there.”

Best Chef Midwest, Chef Kevin Nashan shared his secrets for ribeye success: he likes to use the heart of the ribeye over a really hot grill, adding a little oil “as an insurance policy,” for a little sear, and then finishing it off in the oven.He accompanies his cut with a little grilled Napa cabbage, pickled mustard seeds, mustard jus made from the trim of the meat, tater tots and sauce gribiche.

“No one thinks to grill cabbage, but cabbage can stand up to the heat of the grill, plus it has a little horseradish nature to it, and of course ribeye and horseradish go hand-in-hand,” says Nashan.

As you heat up the grill, stoke the fire and throw on a prime cut, Bancroft encourages you to do so with confidence.“The common trend here with all the chefs cooking in the backyard is getting confident with your cooking vessels,” says Bancroft. “Know what your temperatures are, know your hot spots, know your cold spots and get confident.”From ribeye to fish, with a few pointers and the right attitude, you can nail your next feast on the grill. For all your grilling needs, check out Marine-owned Whiskey Bent off of CR-1.