Dunedin, FL – From October until June we have an immense amount of tourism from out-of-state visitors. Our economy is essentially built on those nine months. Unfortunately, the coronavirus cut into months when our merchants would have gained income in a normal atmosphere. Reduced air travel from out-of-state coupled with reduced seating capacity and restrictions diminshed profit levels this year for many business owners. If there is one benefit to owning a business in Dunedin, it is the fact that residents rally to support local business in the face of adversity.

So, what can you do? Shopping local is always a big plus in order to help merchants get through the “dry” months. Instead of going to Tampa or Orlando, rent a room locally for a staycation and fall in love with your town again while relaxing. One spot we love is 365 on Main above Flanigan’s Irish Pub. There suites above the bar are right in the thick of things.

Shop in some of the local boutiques like Bend the Trend, The Celtic Shop, Dunedin Candle Company and the Dunedin Hemp Company. These shops are all privately owned and operated by wonderful owners.

Explore our dining and entertainment options here in town instead of going to Clearwater or Tampa. Dunedin has amazing breweries, restaurants, bars and nightlife in general. The point of this article is a very simple idea that can make a very big difference for our local businesses. They all work very hard year round to help make our town atmosphere unique and special. Let’s all pitch in and help them feel loved and supported when they need us most!