What Drives Us at The Dunedin Times?

First and foremost, we live, work and play in Dunedin. This town is incredible.

Our goal is simple.  Promote and assist Dunedin residents, business and events.  Our town has a wealth of hidden treasures that people need to know about.  Our publication is something that talks about the better, happier and finer things in life for Dunedin residents.  We have no political platforms that we intend to push and no hidden agendas.  We simply want to make our town a better place.

We all have our political opinions in our personal time, but you will never see us partaking in political partisanship within our publications.  We get that enough from mainstream media.  This publication is meant to rejoice in the positive news, events and people within our town.  Dunedin has so much positive news that we don’t care to talk about politics or anything negative.  Let’s celebrate Dunedin together, page by page.

The Dunedin Times, a Dunedin publication, is a labor of love and a result of our dreams over the last many years.

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