Our Rates

The purpose of our rates card is to provide an affordable solution for our clients to get in front of consumers in Clearwater!

SIZE OF AD 1 Issue
Business Card (1/8) $59
1/4 Page $115
1/2 Page $220
Full 1 Page $375

Discounts are available for  semi-annual (6 month) and annual (12 month) contracts. Veterans recieve 15% off and anyone recieving the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Congressional Medal of Honor or Silver Star will receive free business card sized ads.

What Do I Get with an Ad?

With every print ad comes some amazing value.  You get the following:

  • A dedicated web page on our site that funnels interested clients to your site
  • Mention on YouTube Channel
  • Featured photos on our Instagram Channel
  • Monthly marketing efforts on our Facebook page

Frequency of Social Media Marketing Depends on Ad Size

Ad Size Facebook Posts Instagram Posts Youtube Channel Twitter Posts
Business Card 1 1 1 1
Quarter Page 2 2 2 2
Half Page 3 3 3 3
Whole Page 4 4 4 4

Even though our paper runs once a month, you get continual marketing on a monthly basis on social media and the web. Our goal is to provide promotion for our clients on both paper and cyberspace.  We provide a great service for a great value.  We look forward to serving you and your customers!

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